METAPRINT 12 oz Disposable Paper Coffee Cups [300 Pack], White Hot Coffee Cups, Paper Coffee Cups 12 oz, Thickened Design for Cafes, Bistros, Parties, and Events


MetaPrint 12 oz Disposable Paper Coffee Cups: A Detailed Breakdown

These 12 oz disposable paper coffee cups from MetaPrint seem like a practical option for cafes, bistros, parties, and events. Here's a breakdown of their features and some things to consider:


  • 12 oz capacity: Ideal for small coffees, teas, hot chocolate, or other hot beverages.
  • White paper: Classic and versatile, suitable for various branding or customization.
  • Thickened design: Enhances heat insulation and stability, potentially reducing leaks and spills.
  • 300 count pack: Bulk quantity provides ample supply for cafes, events, or catering needs.
  • Disposable: Convenient for cleanup and minimizes dishwashing.


  • Affordable: The bulk pack offers a cost-effective solution for businesses or event organizers.
  • Functional: Suitable for serving hot beverages comfortably with improved heat insulation.
  • Convenient: Disposable nature simplifies cleanup and saves on labor costs.
  • Versatile: Classic white design adapts to various branding or decoration options.
  • Practical size: 12 oz capacity caters to popular coffee sizes and avoids potential waste with larger cups.


  • Not eco-friendly: Disposable nature contributes to waste and potentially unsustainable practices.
  • Limited insulation: Thickened design might not offer extended heat retention compared to reusable alternatives.
  • Brand recognition: White cups lack inherent branding, requiring additional customization for cafes or businesses.
  • Size limitations: Not suitable for larger coffee drinkers or those who prefer longer-lasting beverage temperature.

Overall, the MetaPrint 12 oz disposable paper coffee cups are a practical and affordable option for cafes, bistros, parties, and events requiring a simple and convenient solution for serving hot beverages. However, their disposable nature and limited branding options might be drawbacks for businesses focused on sustainability or brand recognition.

Here are some additional things to consider before purchasing:

  • Environmental impact: Do you prioritize eco-friendly alternatives like reusable cups?
  • Branding needs: Do you require cups that can readily showcase your brand logo or colors?
  • Beverage size preferences: Will the 12 oz capacity cater to your customer base or event needs?
  • Temperature retention requirements: Do you need cups that provide longer heat insulation for certain beverages?
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